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 Yama Farms Inn
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The Beginning

Yama Farms Inn of Napanoch, NY, Yama-No-Uchi (Home in the Mountains)
Bill Winters on a Field Trip at the Yama Farms Inn Stables Ruins 2003

Orientation Painting by Bill Winters

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Yama Farms Inn  Photo Composite by Bill Winters of how I Remember Yama Farms Inn just after it was sold 1944
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Yama Farms Inn Web site is from the collection of [Lorraine Winters [1933-2006]
and Bill Winters
Bill Winters: Webmaster of the Yama Farms Inn web pages

My Published Books

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Book 1 Years and the People Published 1977

Book 2 Years and the People Published 1978

Book 3
A Reproduction by William W. Winters of the Yama Farms Inn by The Clock on the Wall
A Once famous Inn at Napanoch, NY circa 1913 -1967- Published 1978

Today is
Napanoch, NY

Frank Seaman
 Founder of
Yama Farms Inn

The Beginning
by Anita Foraste
My   parents came to Napanoch around the turn of the century. They purchased land on which
 buildings were  neglected  and they tore down and built two sizable  new  buildings  where they
could   accommodate  60  guest  in  their  Swiss  Cottage.  Later when our father lost his sight,
they   sold  their  property  to  Frank  Seaman  who  enlarged  the  buildings  considerably  and
joined my parents two buildings. My brother, an older sister and I were all born in the room ad-
joining  the  main  entrance.  All  this  became the famous Yama no Uchi or Yama Farms which
opened  in  1913.  Just  before  Yama  was  opened  for  it's  first  guests,  my  parents  and we
children   moved  to the gate house at the entrance where Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Reynolds also
lived  and  we lived  there  on.  When  my  husband  and  I were  married  on  May  1,1937,  we
had  our wedding reception at Yama Farms and  we are the only couple who ever had a wedd-
ing  reception  there.  It was in the dining room  which my parents had built .The employees, in-
cluding  the  cook,  did  an   outstanding job  in honor of my mother,  who was much admired by
all  there and because I had lived there my entire life by then. My brother, Arnold Schonbachler,
lived  his  entire  life  in  Napanoch.  When  we  had trouble finding  a place for our wedding re-
ception,  my  fiance asked Mr. and Mrs. Seaman and they  were delighted to do it for us.Yama
was  a  fun  place  to  be  with  so  many  interesting people . On arrival everyone was greeted,
usually  by  my  mother,  but occasionally I did it, including  when Nelson Rockefeller arrived for
his  honeymoon  there.   I also  was  privileged  to hunt  butterflies  with  John  Burroughs  and I
have some mounted that he gave me. Anita Foraste, April 21, 1990

The Swiss Cottage

Another view of the Swiss Cottage

Anita Foraste's mother, Anna Imhoff Schonbachler (1873-1939).,
at her desk at Yama Farms Inn. Early 1900s.

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