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Yama Farms Inn   

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Yama Farms: A Most Unusual Catskills Resort
The growth of tourism in the Catskills resulted in at least forty hotels and boarding houses tucked into the Rondout Valley Hills between Napanoch and Cragsmoor by the early twentieth-century. None of them were quite like Yama-no-uchi (“Home in the Mountains,” also called Yama Farms Inn), a 1,300 acre idyllic thumb overlooking the Rondout gorge created from 1902 to 1913by Frank Seaman (1858-1939) and his companion Olive Sarre (1873?-1954).

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Welcome  The Beginning  Yama Farms Inn Page 1 Page 2   Page 3   Page 4  Page 5  Page 6 Page 7 Page 8  Page 9   Page 10  Page 11 Page 12
Contact Me and Favorite Links