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In and around the Inn
The old original Main House before the new additions 1913
Another view of Yama Farms Inn with new additions to the Main House. Old Main House is at the
left in picture. Picture is a Gift from John Unverzagt of Ellenville, NY
Main Entrance to the House. View looking North on the Stable road.
Lower Entrance Trail  leading up to the Main House 
Yama Farms Charges and Tips Click For Larger View

Yama Farms Newspaper Ad. A Gift from The  Reddich  family


Burroughs, Edison, Ford, Firestone at Yama Farms Inn and Yama at the North End

Yama China Ware                                        The Outdoor Kitchen

Left: Waiting for the Coach      Right:: Luncheon Party at Yama, Burroughs and Friends

Left:Water Mill House remains Painting by William Winters. From the collection of
Wendy Harris
   Right:Stone Bride Entrance to the Main House

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