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 Yama Farms Inn  
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Outdoor sports at the Inn
Fishing at the Yama Farms Ponds
Trap Shooting                                                                     

Shooting At The "Bear"

Putting on the 8th Hole Green

A  1931 booklet distributed  by
Yama Farms,   designedto  supply  strictly  matter-of-fact   information,  announced  that  Mr.  Frank  Meehan  of
Philadelphia  has  taken  advantage  of  the natural contour of the land, and  built a nine  hole  golf  course   immed-
iately  by  the  Inn.  The general  comment of the past few years has been,  It's  a sporty course without being  too
hard.  A  professional  is  in  attendance  at  the  golf house near the first tee and caddies within call.  The extensive
Yama Farms  collection  at  the Ellenville Public Library and Museum includes  a printed list of  Caddie  Reg-
ulations  which  is  currently  on  display  in the  permanent Yama exhibit. The regulations included Caddies   must
 not swing  player's  clubs or  take  them  from  the bag except upon request and Caddies must keep off the putting
greens at  all  times  except  to  hold  the  flag when employed. More importantly, in the light of the  general  Yama
philosophy  of  no  other charges or tipping, caddie fees were established at “fifty cents for  nine  holes  for  class
A  caddies  down  to  “thirty cents for class C, and in sameproportion for additional holes played. The regulations
urged  guests  not  to  be  over  liberal  in  classification  and reminded  No tips to or ball purchases  from  caddies

Pictures of the Yama Water Mill and House

"The   Gate House and Water Wheel at Yama-no-Uchi in Napanoch, New York in
 Ulster  County  postcard  published  by  Wm. McMullen, Ellenville, N.Y. This gate
 house  is beautifully  made  with  local cobblestones.
 This card dates from about 1914."

More pictures old the old Water Mill

Water Mill and Wooden Bridge on lower entrance trail to the Stables, Tea
House, Staff House and Main House.
Courtesy: Ellenville Public Library and Museum

Old Water Mill Bridge on the way to the Stables and Main House from the lower entrance

Old colorized Post Card of the Trail Bridge, Water Mill and stables in the background

!914 Post Card. View of the Yama Farms Inn Water Mill

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Welcome  The Beginning Yama Farms Inn Page 1 Page 2   Page 3   Page 4  Page 5  Page 6 Page 7 Page 8  Page 9   Page 10 Page 11 Page 12

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