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News item and more pictures
The Old Bridge and The Water Mill & House
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Yama Farms Inn Pond
Painting by Bill Winters 14x18 Oil
From the private collection of Mr and Mrs Steven Bradley of Napanoch, NY
Cottage at left center on Yama Farms Pond
Yama Farms Inn Wooden Walk Bridge
    Yama Farms Inn Tennis Court
Old Directional Map Click for Larger View Picture showing  one of many trails and steps to the Hut  
Trout Pond and Water Falls. The Moon Bridge and Water Falls at the Trout Pond along Rt. 55  
This note submitted by Roger Schull.                  
"My grandfather, L. Huber Shull, was the farm manager for Yama Farms Inn
from 1908 until 1912".

        "The year of these pictures is approximately 1918, judging from the age of my father, Loren G. Shull, who was
 born  in  Napanoch  in 1909,  in  the  second picture.  I am assuming that photo is from a vacation  revisiting Yama
 Farms from their 1918 residence of Wheeling, WV, where Huber Shull was also a farm manager at a rural resort".
Next two pictures submitted by Roger Schull.  

Moonlight Scene of the upper pond and Moon Bridge
      Loren G. Shull on the right. Person on the left?

Entrance to the third Yama Farms Pond featuring the Gardens and Moon Bridge

This old picture of the Moon Bridge shows more detail of the construction of the bridge.
Person is unknown. Year: Early 1900s.

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