Yama Farms Inn
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Yama Farms Inn
Frank and Olive Seaman

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Yama Farms  Inn  

Yama Farms Inn of Napanoch, NY,  [circa 1914]
Painting by Bill Winters
From the Collection of Mr and Mrs Joseph Geiselhart of Napanoch, NY
Yama Farms Inn Hut                Yama Farms Tea House
Paintings by Bill Winters

Yama Farms Inn Fish Hatchery at Jenny Brook Road
Frank Seaman and Chief Peter checking out the Fish Hatchery
Painting by Bill Winters
Home in the Mountains

The Inn no longer exist. The only remaining buildings are the old office referred to as the Hut and a few
other smaller  buildings.  Yama  Farms main  house  and  grounds were sold  and reopened  as a  Jewish
Country  Club  around 1945.  It was sold a few more times and closed around 1959. Due to  neglect and
  then condemed it was burned down in 1967 by the Napanoch Fire Dept.

From the private collection of  Bill and  [Lorraine Winters 1933-2006]

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Old Rt. 55 Bridge at Napanoch, NY and Yama Farms Entrance Orientation Photo Click For Larger View    

Japanese Gateway and Lantern
A photo composite of Yama Farms Inn seen through the lower Entrance Gate.In the
center  foreground is the Bridge over the pond outlet. Just beyond the Bridge is the
Moon Bridge. Beyond the Moon Bridge the Stables and to the right  of the  Stables
the  Tea  House.  Top  Center the Main House. Upper right The Hut. Lower right the
Water Mill.  Extreme  right  behind  the  fence,  Lorraine  and  Bill. Left:The Lantern.
 Click for larger view
Frank Seaman Dies. Founder and Builder of The Yama Farms Inn
 at Napanoch, NY

Frank Seaman at the entrance gate to "The Hut"

Story from The Ellenville, NY Journal Newspaper

Part 1

Part 2

 These men with Frank Seaman were frequent visitors to the Inn.
Left to Right: Harvey S. Firestone, John Burroughs, Henry Ford, Tom Edison and Frank Seaman

Story continued on Page 2

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